Re-writing Grease at the age of 13 was possibly not my best move.


Yet I was bored stiff.  Consequently I either spent time in my bedroom writing or trying to teach myself the keyboard.

Was I Odd? I guess so.  Many writers prefer time alone, doing their own thing.  This was a shock to me when I completed my first psychosometric test in the ‘corporate world’ interview and ‘they’ told me I should be working on my own as a writer or lab technician or something!


Thinking, “Nah you can’t make money at that, I need to do this job.” I pushed myself to ridiculous boundaries physically and mentally and had a very successful career.


Now, at the ripe old age of 40 something, I have realised they were right and I have got to step into the reality of who I am and what I dream of.   So here I am.  Writing.  And loving it.


A science degree was completed this year as I have a massive passion for all things nutrition and health related. Born from a desire to help myself as a Crohns patient and just recently a shock diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. So, I still research and write about this stuff under my ‘real’ name of Louise Usher. You can see my blogs there are centred around living the life of your dreams and stepping into the Law of Attraction to make things happen.  A passion I love but all non-fiction.

With the health issues needing lots of time and attention, I totally am stepping into life where I aim to give these ‘titles’ the love and affection they need  –  including daytime naps (very suddenly at times).  But I just see it as a silver lining.  Something to push me towards getting my books out there.  Who knows what the future holds with my health? l’m doing my best to live my very best life.

To stop things getting confusing, Faraday is my pen name as I write romance fiction. Well, I say fiction – but is it?  Some may be based from life experiences of me or my friends. I have a long list to write and I’m excited!  Be careful not to end up in one of my books!




Based in my log cabin at home in Kent, UK, I’m loving my writing.  Following on from my science BSc in nutrition, I am currently a postgrad student studying an MA in creative non fiction writing.  This excites me beyond belief and I’m so thankful that the dream is coming true for me.


Travel is a total passion of mine but very hard work I feel although i love taking myself off to review new places.  My Instagram shares places I love to find to write. Gorgeous views,  swimming and just general amazingness.


A mother to amazing twins and a furry boy (shihtzu) I feel very blessed with my life.  Taking care of a mum with Dementia and heart failure is a challenge but the times I can sit and write are my therapy.


Coffee, writing and Shihtzu – the way most days begin


Currently happily single, I just love a good rom com film or the reading I do has to be either biographies or romance.  Who doesn’t love love?

During a very dark time in my life, I wrote a novel.  The idea was to get a friend or two to read it and send it off for publication. The friends said it was good, I sent the entire manuscript off and promptly lost it somewhere never to be read again.  So it’s time to write and not lose those!

I had a go at a novella and published it over on my Amazon page.  I consider adding it to this profile at a later date and as the story is a cliffhanger, I need to add to it. Have a read of it and let me know what you think by emailing me.




If you want to be a writer, my best advice I have literally had from EVERYONE is write. Just write. Get writing. However they say it, the thing seems to be to write.


Sending love and hugs and more love always


Faraday xo