• Fiction

    Exposed on Valentines Day

        Romance on Valentine’s Day 💕 For some, just like this phone charger, you can feel exposed and a little broken. But expectations lowered often sees higher results through a vibrational energy disconnected to negative emotions. Pleasant random meetings, belly laughter moments, quieter eye contact hesitations can be the reality. ✍️ while the fiction author in me will allow the indulgence of the fairytale today 💕

  • Fiction

    Flash fiction – “Hurt”

    Hurt Her chest literally hurt. Like physically. She hadn’t eaten all day long and tried hard to stuff some goulash down her throat. It simply wasn’t digesting. Another gulp of drink. A quick reply to a text message. Her girlfriends…

  • Fiction

    Short fiction – “She couldn’t forget.”

    She Couldn’t Forget   Her day was exhausting.   Something about it brought her memories back in a short heartbeat.  She couldn’t forget.  Yet she had no idea of the triggers within her mind.  Something would periodically remind her of…

  • My diary

    Do you remember?

    September!     You’re here! This is the month I promise myself to ALWAYS step into my reality and show up for myself and my family every day. Morning pages will be a part of my ritual.  Writing at least 750words…

  • University life

    I’m off to University!!!

    Yesterday saw me register with my new University to begin the work on my MA for Creative Writing (non fiction).  Of course there will be fiction!  Of course! I’m excited to escape into the world of my characters and falling…

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    I love Stationery

    Do you love a visit to Paperchase or somewhere equally beautiful?   The smell of the books, the feel of the paper.  Oh goodness I could go crazy and make myself broke! HAHA This beautiful academic diary is just so…