University life

I’m off to University!!!

Yesterday saw me register with my new University to begin the work on my MA for Creative Writing (non fiction).  Of course there will be fiction!  Of course! I’m excited to escape into the world of my characters and falling in love with each other and finding the twists and turns they might endure in their lives.   Bless them!


Why am I changing universities?


To be honest I very much expect if there had been an option to continue my studies at my current university I would have done but

1. this course wasn’t offered there and

2. the people I have met at my new Uni seem totally up my street, heart led and just beautiful.

More than anything this is what I need in my life right now.  Gentleness and kindness.

Life feels different right now and very good! Which is crazy and odd as I honestly should be depressed and worried! The reason? I had a new shock diagnosis to go hand in hand with my crohns.  You see crohns is an inflammatory disease of the digestive tract and now it seems I’m also inflamed in my joints as there is this “Ankylosing Spondylitis” too.  So for me, learning to dictate my writing will be incredible and I’m very excited to step into the future that lies before me by living my total best life.

Wondering if I’m right about the knowledge I have about the gut and brain links, I know that since I have changed my diet to one of low starch, (only 7 days ago on the advice of the medics) I feel better in my brain.  Hard to explain but I definitely do.  Those pesky opportunistic bacteria (called Klebsiella in my case) are packing their little suitcases for migration and I guess that might have something to do with my gut health improving.  Whatever the reason and cause, I don’t actually mind – so long as I am feeling good on it and motivated and looking better (4lbs down already!) then I’m not going to debate this whole thing.  I got this.


Sadly, it has taken such extreme measures for me to finally make the changes I need in my life to be the person I want to be but lets keep it positive and upbeat….I’m going to fulfil my dream of writing!


Off to start my Masters!


I know the learning curve at university is going to be huge! I’m very keen to do a Phd but I definitely need to master some writing skills this coming year before I take that leap too!


Life feels so good!

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