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Wondering about this pen name…

To be honest, I’m not sure if running this site makes sense.  A pen name is great in theory and yes, it does stop any confusion of what exactly I’m aiming to achieve under both this name and my non-fiction name.


Yet, has been around for ten years now and I do wonder if it’s just more straight forward to post everything on there than a dozen different niche websites. With around 10,000 visits per month, the blog is definitely popular with its readers.

Keeping this page here might be a nice idea to dip in and out of but without the commitment that I have over on my other blog which is the money spinner.  Let’s face it, working online is a total blessing and the dream come true, yet it’s a business and needs to be faced as one too.

Why should you keep a pen name?

If you write in two totally different genres and it would be inappropriate to combine them, you need a pseudonym! For instance, Erotica and childrens books would need a disassociation for sure.

My background of Biochemistry and Human nutrition seemed not to fit so well on this blog but rather my regular blog.  Although I am beginning to see no reason why the audience might not want some nutrition woven through as well as an actual life story. It confusing to know the right thing to do, I know.  Although once you make a decision and laser focus on it, magic begins to happen.


Do I just leave this website here and continue?…I’m not sure. It’s time to have a look around at other blogs and see what other people are doing.


Coffee, writing and Shihtzu – the way most days begin

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